What's it all about?

February 04, 2013

I originally set up this site while looking for my first professional programming job. I got that job and the one after it and now I'm currently working for Cloud City Development remotely while living outside of Boise, Idaho. Although you're welcome to contact me with new opportunities, I will state that I'm pretty comfortable with my current position and will not relocate regardless of how many catered meals you might be offering.

In the beginning...

With no prior programming experience, I started learning about ruby on rails in the fall of 2008 through reading Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby. Then a few video tutorials here and a handful of Railscasts there and I started on my first project: rebuilding my CityBurb.com Real Estate search site (which was originally built in ASP.net by someone else). I learned quite a bit with that project and although it never went live (it is now just a WP blog), the bulk of it became Client Connect, a monster of an application that allows residential real estate buyers to search their local area listings, save properties, schedule tours and get email updates all while their real estate agent follows their progress along the way.  I call it a monster project because although it worked well until we closed it, I was in way over my head on the initial build.  I sometimes think I should have started with something simple like a blog application, but the long nights spent trying to solve problems early on have helped with all my subsequent projects. I've discovered that being a good developer means being able to solve your own problems and never getting stuck on something. So I got plenty of practice doing just that.

Although I've learned everything I know about rails from books, blogs, videos,  and practice, I did go back to school for a CS degree (I already have a bachelors in Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship) and took a Java class and some high level math courses, but found that I could achieve my end goal of producing a profitable web application quicker if I spent time working on those applications.

The next few projects were a little smaller in scale.   Agent Text allows real estate agents to replace old school flier boxes with virtual fliers sent via text message.   Full Disclosure is a simple hosting and sharing site for real estate property disclosures.   PFRE Tour is a real estate virtual tour program targeted towards independent real estate photographers.  Notice a trend here?  Yeah, I worked full time as a licensed real estate broker for seven years and found myself needing an application or two for my day job.